Sunday, September 26, 2010

Week @ a Glance

I am very late in writing this... We had a Mexican party at church and I was busy (happily) with that for a while.  It was lots of great fun.  Now back to school!

I am happy about the flexibility homeschooling offers.  Because I knew I wouldn't get much school work done with Cohen on Friday we did the Math for that day on Thursday.  I like our schedule but I like not being a slave to it even more.

-Greg took Cohen to our first Home-school co-op group at the library
-Signing out great books at the local library (they had homeschooling magazines too!)
-Hannah had her first swimming lesson today and she floated by herself, went under water and jumped into the pool!  Way to go Hannah!
-MOPS started!  It was great.

What's That? (What you might have heard if you were a fly on the wall.)
-"Hannah, you did a great job swimming today." Cohen
-"Grandma you are a princess and I am your King!" Kiran

I wish I could have:
-Put a way my laundry! (Still not caught up from last week! If I don't get it done by next week I am posting a picture of "the laundry room".)
-Done at least one night of our ABC Scriptures (This is the first week we have missed it!)
-Read a-loud to the children more.  (They loved The Princess and the Peanut Allergy.  It was such a sweet time for us.)
-Yelled A LOT less!

What they learned:
We continued exploring the number 5.  This time we used the 5 frame mat to understand the numbers that make 5.  This activity was great for visually demonstrating what looks like 5 and other numbers that make up 5.  We also used our fake double sided counters to see what numbers make up five in the shake and spill game.  Cohen really liked this.  We used red bingo counters and stuck stars to one side.  You could still see a bit of the star through the other side but it still worked.

These five frame strips are good to help children learn to identify a number without counting 1 to 1. You just flip through the strips quickly and have students tell you what they see.  You can use this with dot plates too!

We added one colour and then figured out how many of the other colour we needed to make 5.

I try to incorporate lots of writing in our math.  Here Cohen is recording the shake and spill game.  Later he will write about what he noticed while doing the activity.

Cohen wrote some good stories lately.  (And by stories I mean one sentence stories.)  We are working on  hearing the middle of the word.  He seems to have trouble hearing the middle of words.  I am going to use the box method to help him pay greater attention to the sounds.

We are also still working on fine motor skills.  The pre-printing exercises are great to help Cohen warm up before he prints.
Kiran was practicing his fine motor skills too!

What I learned:
I learned that our week can become very busy with the demands of life.  I learned that I can make time for what is important and let go of what can wait. 

That's our week in a nut shell.  Hope your week was as fruitful!

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  1. I'm so glad to be following your blog. I have two kids 6 and 2, so life for me is very busy. Anyway thanks for stopping by my blog and yes the weather here is very warm with a few scattered showers. I love living in the Caribbean, it doesn't matter where I go in the world, its Home.

    Lisa xx


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