Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writers Workshop Wednesdays - Talk About It!

Every Wednesday I will post a focus for the writing for the week.  These tips are just little tid bits that make up the whole experience.  They are geared towards primary aged children.  Hope it is helpful!

I am looking forward to writing with our son today.  He loves to talk and that is a big part of this activity.  The most important part of this activity is the conversation.  In order for children to write they need lots of good conversation to fuel their imagination.

Here are some things to remember when writing:

  • The conversation should not include lots of questions but should flow to encourage their own thoughts and language.  This will be more meaningful for the child.   I like to start it by talking about something I know they are interested in.  In our house it is cars, Spiderman, trucks, and everything else in boy land.

  • After the conversation ask the child, "What can you write?" and listen.  It will take a while for the child to get the idea but trust me this is a much better we to get children to write.  Once the child gets a sentence (or two depending on age/development) ask the child to start writing right away.

  • Don't try to change the language to make it sound "better".  If the grammar is off, then model it during the conversation component.  
Fingers crossed applesauce.  

I will try to post come clips later.
I would love to hear ideas and see what worked for others!

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