Friday, December 10, 2010

Eating Our Words

Lately we have been a little slack with the homeschooling stuff.  We have become busy with Christmas and such.  As an effort to bridge the two I went back to cross-curricular teaching.  We wanted to bake these awesome surprise cookies form Martha Stewart and I wanted to assess Cohen's independent writing.  So we baked, talked and wrote.  In the end I was really impressed with Cohen's writing for a senior kindergartner.  He left spaces, used capitals at the beginning, sounded words slowly and recorded what he heard in the correct order.  He even used punctuation.  Cohen did this without prompting.  This activity showed me how much he has learned in the short time together.  He still needs to work on directionality with some letters and staying on task.  I found this activity to be both fun and helpful for assessing what Cohen can do.  He was very motivated by the promise of cookies!

My first time using margarine for a baking recipe!

They were trying to taste the cocoa powder that was floating in the air!

Whipping the frosti

Hiding the surprise!

The mark of a good cookie. 

"When we made cookies we were going to give some to someone else."

The eyes were always on the prize!

We packaged them up for our neighbours.  Hope they like them as much as we did! 

Note: Swimming did not go so well later in the evening due to the high sugar intake!  Oh well! You can't have your cookie and eat it too! (Without any consequences that is!)  If you want more details on the recipe etc... visit me at Myrtle's Turtles for more info!

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  1. Those look yummy!

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