Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wordless (Shameless) Wednesday

(I have added shameless because I will shamelessly parade the photos I love of our family!)

Our pictures are like our life right now: blurry at times, mostly imperfect with lots of movement!

I love how they hug in every picture but fight every minute!

The perfect family picture illuded us (as it should!)

Cohen's 1st Choir performance

My Christmas apron from Mummy Nuggle?

I made these clip boards as gifts for my students and friends.  I got this idea from  here!

My mom gets upset when I say I can't stand this THING!  Couldn't they make a black santa and little girl that looked a little less scary?  I mean come on!

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  1. ok, so your clip boards turned out WAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY cuter than mine, lol! great job and happy new year to your beautiful family!


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