Monday, December 27, 2010

Wii Got It!

What I enjoyed and savoured about the holidays were the experiences I had with my children, friends and family.  For the first time we celebrated advent.  I found this practice very meaningful because we were able to really emphasise Christmas in it's true sense.  My children were reminded throughout the month about the story of Christmas and why we do things like gift giving.  Lovely isn't it?

(I feel like there should be some loud electric guitar music playing to introduce the next paragraph.)
As my children get older they are getting more and more into the holidays.  This year I had to take a few steps back and catch my breath.  There was more fighting over hot wheel cars, chasing (big no no around these parts), lying, and out right rebellion.  I would ask myself (barely out loud) "What is going on?  Who are these children and how did I end up with them?"

My mother was there reminding me that they did indeed belong to me and something had to be done about their behaviour.  The more we tried to tighten the reigns the more we lost grip.  They were just wild little animals.  My mother and I chatted about the holidays and came to the conclusion that things weren't really that bad.  I mean none of these horrible things happened:

1. No (fully decorated with glass ornaments) Christmas trees fell on top of any toddlers (happened 2008)

2. The children didn't march out the front door when brunch almost turned into dinner

3. My husband didn't sleep in and miss opening presents (2009) (Oh yes people!  This actually happened!  Let's move on shall we?)

4. Our babies were not found CHEWING on glass ornaments. (2007)  (Don't send me hate mail- I've gotten the lectures about glass ornaments from my brother in-law.  Moving along!)

5.  No great, big, loud, uncontrollable tantrums... by the adults.  (We won't hang out here on number 5 too long.)

So looking back.  We had a great day.  We celebrated Christ's birthday.  Ate our traditional Dominican breakfast and played with our new toy... The Wii.  Cohen was so thrilled to join the millions of boys he knows who have had video games their whole lives.  I am hopping this will be something the family can do together for fun.

All in all I think we got it - big time!

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