Sunday, October 17, 2010

Counting on Counters

I didn't realize how much I took my double sided counters for granted in my teaching days!  All I have are transparent bingo chips.  I turned them into double sided counters by putting stickers on one side and cutting around the chips.  When I was in a rush I stuck star stickers to one side. They worked out great.  Here are 2 activities we did with the counters:

1. Shake and Spill: We are still working on the number 5.  Thank goodness we hung around because my son finally understands 5.  The shake and spill game can work for any number.  It is very common in grade 1 classrooms.  You put 5 double sided counters in a cup.  You shake it and you spill it.  You record what you get.

2. Sound Boxes:  This is another activity I borrowed from my Reading Recovery teacher days.  A great activity for teaching children to hear the parts of words.  Make a space for each letter sound.  Get a counter for each letter sound as well.  As you (first) or your child say the sound move the counters into the corresponding spaces.  This will help children isolate the sounds in the correct order and location.

Looking forward to hearing about your uses for bingo chips/counters!

On another note, check out my post at Blissfully Domestic about growing faith in your children.
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  1. Wow, great ideas!

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  2. I'm a new follower from the blog hop! Great ideas! I taught elementary music for 8 years. Now, I'm enjoying homeschooling my 3 little ones.

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