Monday, October 18, 2010

Sleeping Mommy & The Beast Day 1

I can only imagine!

On my other blog I started a sleep challenge.  I want to see if more sleep means a better mood, better day and of course a better mommy.  I set a bedtime (for myself) for 11:00 PM.  It is 10:38 right now so I am hopping I can stick to my timeline.

Last night I got to bed at midnight.  I slept until 7:00 and actually felt like getting out of bed.  I had lots of energy so we walked to the library ( a 30 minute walk each way).  It was great to walk on our trail filled with colour, foliage and life.  The air seemed cleaner and I was able to keep a pretty good pace.  I even tolerated the constant chatter from my eldest.

We enjoyed a day at the community centre filled with the gym, library and more gym time.  I even looked forward to the walk home.  I had the energy to make dinner and serve it on time! I got to read them 2 stories before dinner and put everyone to bed on time.  Maybe there is more to this sleep thing.

As far as homeschooling goes- I found that I didn't feel as irritable throughout the morning and early afternoon.  I was actually interested in answering the millions of questions my son had and I managed to play basket ball with my sons.  Stop laughing!  I used to be somewhat athletic you know! Again, maybe there is more to this sleep thing.

Anyone have any sleeping tips for me for the rest of the week?  (I signed out a book - A Good Night's Sleep.  I am not sure how helpful it will be.)  For the record, I found that the library could have used more books on sleep for adults alongside the ones about babies and sleep!



  1. I hope you're in bed! My goal bedtime is 10 pm. It's 10:25 here so I better go start that load a diapers and go to bed!!! Since your a time zone ahead of me, we should be going to bed at the same time. Maybe we should post on each other's wall, "Go to bed!!!" :)

    I have sleep issues too and I'm addicted to reading so that doens't help.

  2. I need to do a better job with a consistent bedtime. Good idea!

    Amy @ Missional Mama
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  3. I have found I am much happier & more patient when I get enough sleep too - it's amazing how something can be so simple, yet so important!

    Thanks for visiting my blog on the Cornucopia Blog Hop - I'm now following you!

  4. I hear you on this one... I am terrible about getting a good night's rest. I generally hit the sack around midnight or 1 pm so that I can spend some time with my husband each evening. I do find that when I've gone to bed at around 10 pm though, I feel much better. Good luck!

  5. I just found these blogs this past week, and what a help!!:


    Stopping by on the Hip Homeschool Hop! Following you!



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