Saturday, October 23, 2010

Homeschool Co-op

Since deciding to home school I struggled with the idea that my son would miss the interaction he had with the children in our community.  Yesterday I took all four children to the co-op meeting for the first time.  I was worried that there wouldn't be enough structure for him.  To be honest I didn't know what to expect and I didn't expect much.

Well I was pleasantly surprised.  This week's focus was on the heart.  (Initially I thought this was going to right over Cohen's newly 5 year old brain.)

 There were about six stations where children learned various things about the heart:
1. They learned that the heart is pump and got to pump "blood" from one bottle to the next.
2. They got to learn about how the lungs and the heart work together with our blood cells.  (I was surprised how focused Cohen was for this bit.)  I thought for sure it would be too much and he would lose interest.
3.  They learned that their heart is the size is their fist and got to locate the heart.
4.  Cohen got to listen to an adult and a child's heart thanks to a parent (who is a doctor) and could let 6 children listen at once.
5.  This parent also brought in a model of a heart. Cohen really liked opening this model and seeing the inside of the heart.
6.  Children also got to learn the difference between a valentine heart and their heart.
7. Cohen's favourite: Smelling, seeing and touching a real cow's heart!  Thanks to another parent!

That is a REAL cow's heart Cohen is touching!

Initially I thought that this segment was going to be too much for the kids and they would misbehave.  Cohen was very well behaved and didn't blink throughout the entire explanation of how the heart works.  I realized that this is what was missing for him at school.  He needed a challenge.  In order to stay focused he needs to learn things that are new and interactive.  How blessed we are to find this home school co-op!

-Home school Co-op: Who can beat a real live cow's heart.
-MOPS started!  It was great.

What's That? (What you might have heard if you were a fly on the wall.)
-"Mama I love you very much.  You are a good cook and maker." ( I needed those words this week!)

I wish I could have:
-Let sleeping dogs lie!

What they learned:
They learned a whole lot about the heart and blood cells.  We also learned about community helpers.

What I learned:
I learned that I love being with my children even though it totally exhausts me.  I also learned that a good night's sleep is essential!

That's our week in a nut shell.  Hope your week was as fruitful!

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